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Bill, thanks for your message. We employ local engineers that have the required experience and qualifications. We are not set up to train inexperienced engineers from overseas. Regards Des

do you offer training for the newly joined engineers (from overseas) to get familiar with Australian code?

Hi Shipra, we have structural,civil, temporary works, and product engineers, but unfortunately do not have a geotechnical engineer in Sydney, NSW. Regards

Do you have a geo technical engineer in NSW?

Rod, will pass on your details now. Regards Steve

Hi I'm trying to contact Jeff Toten RE: proposed development at 40 Gawthern Dr., Pimpama. My contact: 0476 153 344

Fraser, you will be pleased to know we have local Engineers available up and down the East Coast including Melbourne. Just go to the Log a Job page to get started and give us a yell if you need help. Thanks Des

Hi DesignBeaver, where do you guys operate, I have a job in Melbourne. Thanks

Good questions Nick. Our engineers only quote jobs they can start and complete. If they are going on holidays, we find they stop quoting jobs. They are also very keen to maintain high star ratings, so they have been hitting their nominated design times. Regards. Des

One more question. We get frustrated when engineers just 'go missing', how do we know they have capacity to do the work on time?

Nick, The detail design can be completed a few ways. 1. You can log it as 'Extra Work' on your job Message Board. This allows you to request only your original engineer quote. Or you can ask of a number of our engineers to quote. 2. You can log the detailed design as a new job. To be sure of the fee for the whole job you can request an inidicative quote for all the structural engineering during the concept stage. If you like we can work with you on a specific job to help develop the request that will cover all these options. Regards. Des

That's great. Can we then get them to do detail design? How would we be sure of the fee?

Our engineers like to provide concepts and options. Simply describe in your request that you would like some options to help inform the design process.

Often we need advice early in the design process. How do you handle optioneering or providing concepts?

Mark, This is an easy one. Just visit our log a job page and type your question in the box ‘What do you want DesignBeaver to give you?’. Our local engineers will be able to provide a quote to visit site and provide advice while they are on site. If you need more engineering, you can log this as ‘Extra Work’ on your job Message Board. This will allow our engineers to provide you quotes for the extra work. Hope this helps. Des

How do I get someone to come to site and give some initial advice? I don't think it is a big job but I'm not an engineer..

Hi Steve, Thanks for your question, that's an easy one! Yes you can just log a job with the job details you have, noting you want the geotech now and plans are to follow. Our team will get things underway and send you the quotes within 48 hrs. You can email us your plans when you have them, quoting your job number and we will source the structural engineer quotes for you to choose from. Hope that answers your question. You can email us direct on if you need further help. Regards Des

Guys, I have an urgent house extension job that I need to get done ASAP. I don't have the arch dwgs yet, can I get a quote on a soils report to get things started?

Gill, Currently we are focused on South East Queensland and Melbourne. However, we plan to start working in Sydney in the coming months. Regards. Des

Do you have any Engineers based in Sydney?

"Do it with a photo" - Tip #05 A picture paints a 1000 words … and saves you precious time! When you need to quickly brief your consultant on the task at hand, why not send them a picture or two? Whatever the job, by adding photos of the site, the existing structure, plans of the new build or even a previous job example “I want it like this”, you give the designer the info they need without having to explain it all in an email or over the phone. You can upload photos and other attachments when you log a job with us for quoting and during design & construction via your own job message board, it’s that easy.

Phil, we get asked this a lot and you can be assured of our engineer quality by 1. All our engineers are qualified and locally experienced. 2. Each engineer is star rated by clients who have used them. 3. We give you multiple independent engineer quotes for you to choose from. 4. The Engineer's name, photo, yrs exp, and client star rating is provided with their quote. 5. All of our work is covered by the DB guarantee which means if you don't like your Engineer we will happily replace them with one you do like. Hope this helps, Des

How do I know if the engineer you give me is any good, cos I used some hopeless ones

John, Thanks for your question. We provide site classifications (soil reports), similar to how we provide our engineering design. We provide you multiple quotes from our local geotechnical engineers. You can communicate with the engineer on your job specific message board, plus meet in person on site - if needed. Regards. Des

I have one job in which I need to re site on the land then arrange bore test for 5 points on the property and one on the pool so I can ascertain the exact cost to pier as I will need Class P piering engineering, this job will be on steel stumps. I am taking this approach so as to better cost the project and I have the co operation of the owners. Been let down by previous builder, engineer and soil tester. How can I get you to manage soil report, siting inc surveyors working with you and me? If you’re a virtual service it would never work.. Your thoughts...

Hi Raymond, if you have all your job info you can log a job for us to quote on. If you have questions you can email your contact details to and we will give you a call to discuss your job.

raymond anthony
could i have your phone number or your address so i can come in and talk about my prodject it is a granny flat i wiil build

Brad. This type of work suits us perfectly. Our engineers are very experienced and can provide clear recommendations and structural advice. If you log the job, please provide as much information, plans, soils reports and photos as you can gather, even desired report formats are helpful. All this information helps our engineers provide better lump sum prices. Regards, Des

Our property has been significantly damaged by termintes and water. We have been told we need a structural engineers report. Is this something that you do?

Hi Justine, we can help with structural engineering. So if you need a structural system designed to support your air conditioning units we can do that part. Regards Des

Do you guys work with air conditioning?

Dean, All our engineers are RPEQ and live in Southeast QLD. Their designs will comply with current Australian Standards (as you noted below), so they can provide you a Form 15 and Form 16’s for their work. If you require specific products they will be designed to comply with the manufacturers requirements. I hope this clarifies your question.

Will your designs comply with AS 1684.2, AS 2870 and meet the product manufactures' compliance?

Currently we have Structural Engineers located on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, Queensland. We do have ability to service South East Queensland and into Northern NSW.

Where do you guys do work?

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