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Engineering design is an ancient technical profession that has given us timeless mega structures like the Giza Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Sydney Opera House, and of course your very own Taj Mahal.

Despite the historic grandeur, many engineering jobs aren't quite as sexy, instead focusing on residential, commercial, and industrial projects less than $5m in value. This is the type of work DesignBeaver specializes in.

DesignBeaver has been created by two passionate engineers who became increasingly frustrated with the bureaucracy and inefficiency that inevitably grew in out-dated consulting engineering offices.

These engineers believed the market would be better served with an on-line engineering service where office overhead costs were eliminated, multiple quotes could be easily obtained, customers could see engineer ratings on previous works, and where all work was independently reviewed.

With careers in structural and civil engineering, the co-founders of Design Beaver saw the benefits and rewards of providing qualified engineers with the freedom and flexibility to use their expertise when and where they choose, without the stress of bureaucracy, marketing, and administration.

The Design Beaver online platform is forging a new and easier way to get the job done. Design Beaver ensure quality, certified engineering design is made available to customers on time, at lower cost, without the fuss.

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